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Practice Areas

My  law firm handles a several practice areas for Oakland, Fremont, and  Dublin. Please review the information below for specifics on Family Law,  Bankruptcy, and Estate Planning including wills,trusts and probate.

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Family Law

   I  have a strong understanding of cases dealing with Property Division,  Spousal Support, Child Custody, and Child Support. These cases have a  history of being contentious and having a lawyer that has over a decade  of experience working with the Family Court of the California Court  System has proven beneficial to my clients. Whether it is visitation  rights or divorce proceedings, it is always a tough time in anyone’s  life and I am here to make the legal proceedings as seamless as  possible.



 Having money issues can be frightening, especially  when creditors start calling you constantly and harassing you at all  hours of the day.  Not knowing your future financial situation can put a  strain on your life and the lives of your loved ones.  If you feel like  you're in a financial hole familiar to many, give us a call.  We can  find the best solution for your specific situation.  Whether through   bankruptcy, debt consolidation, or some other option, we could  discuss  transitioning  you onto a path of financial stability. 


Estate Planning

 Life can be unpredictable; making sure you  and your loved ones have legal standing to make decisions for you when  unexpected situations arise can set everyone’s mind at ease. Through the  use of living wills, trusts, financial proxies, and other legal  documents, you and your loved ones can avoid going to court and having  costly probate proceedings. Many believe the inheritance laws will  settle legal issues relating to one’s property. However, without a  living trust, or other prior planning this can incur tens of thousands  of dollars in fees for even modest financial situations.