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Divorce Lawyer Robert Chang

Our Firm

Contemplating separating from your spouse or been served with divorce papers already? Are you experiencing mounting debt? Has a loved one passed away? I started my practice with the premise I would always attempt to get positive results for my clients in a way this minimizes the stressful elements of the legal process

Our Philosophy

No one likes to spend time in court.  It is not only the day that is spent in court, but the weeks and months of uncertainty and anticipation.  

Clients hire lawyers because they expect their lawyers help them achieve their goals, but what client's don't realize is that getting a good result from a Judge  does not necessarily achieve that.  If a spouse is angry or feels they got the short end of the stick, litigants easily find themselves back in court only after a few months, and then losing whatever they had previously gained.  By pursuing a win-win approach to litigation and negotiation, we want our client's and their former partners to quickly move on and start new lives.  

This is what we mean when we say we want comprehensive solutions and use a holistic approach.